Solving models over the internet

I have dropped the “social network” part of this website, including the Forum section, so I am replicating here a post meant to start a discussion…

I think it would be interesting and helpful to have some simple code for solving models over the internet, allowing visitors to a web site to change parameters, or size of a shock, and check the outcome of simulations.
A nice example, for a different class of models, has been developed here:
Anyone interested in contributing?

2 Responses to “Solving models over the internet”

  1. Edwin Edwin says:

    I am interesting to work on a platform as Seppecher has developped for his own model. But before, it could be a good idea to have the same variables and a standard basic model, ie a model accepted by all.

    • zezza zezza says:

      Edwin, I disagree. What is relevant is to have the code to solve one model, allowing users to change parameters, and having the software plot simulation results.
      Once we have the code, it is very simple to adapt it to different models, so I hope there will be many models that we can play with…

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