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Stephen Kinsella, Terence O’Shea (2011) Solution of Stock Flow Consistent Macroeconomic Models Via the Gauss Seidel Algorithm”, Journal of Policy Modeling


C63, E27, E47

Abstract: This paper builds and solves a stock flow consistent model in the tradition of Godley and Lavoie (2007). The goal of this paper is to develop a benchmark model that is both thorough and flexible enough to be applied to modern industrialized economies to aid monetary and fiscal policy decisions. The main difficulty with stock-flow consistent models is the complexity of the models and their solutions. To reduce the complexity of the solution of each model, an algorithm is developed using the Gauss-Seidel method. This algorithm is successful in solving the expansive linear system of equations representing our economy. Given our choice of parameters, our benchmark model achieves a steady state with an inflation rate of 2%, whilst maintaining full employment

Keywords: Gauss Seidel, Growth Model, stock-flow consistent model

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