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Soon Ryoo, Peter Skott (2008) Financialization in Kaleckian economies with and without labor constraints”, Intervention. European Journal of Economics and Economic Policies, vol. 5, n. 2, pp. 357-386


JEL: E12, E44

Abstract: Most Kaleckian models assume a perfectly elastic labor supply, an assumption that is questionable for many developed economies. This paper presents simple labor-constrained Kaleckian models and uses these models to compare the implications of financialization under labor-constrained and dual-economy conditions. The paper complements the analysis in Skott and Ryoo (2008) which did not include labor-constrained Kaleckian economies. We show that for plausible parameter values the financial changes commonly associated with financialization tend to be expansionary in both dual-economy and labor-constrained settings.

Keywords: financialization, Kaleckian model, labor constraints, Stock-flow Consistency

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