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Marco Passarella (2014) Financialization and the monetary circuit: a macro-accounting approach”, Review of Political Economy, vol. 26, n. 1, pp. 107-127

Marco Passarella (2012) A simplified stock-flow consistent dynamic model of the systemic financial fragility in the ‘New Capitalism’”, Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, vol. 83, n. 3, pp. 570-582

Marco Passarella (2012) A Re-Formulation of Minsky’s ‘Two-Price Model’”, in Stefano Lucarelli, Marco Passarella (eds.), New Research Perspectives in the Monetary Theory of Production, Bergamo University Press di Sestante Edizioni: Bergamo, pp. 109-126

Marco Passarella (2011) The two-price model revisited. A Minskian-Kaleckian reading of the process of ‘financialization’, unpublished, Unpublished

Riccardo Bellofiore, Marco Passarella (2010)

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