Jacques Mazier

Jacques Mazier
Jacques Mazier

Professor of Economics
Université Paris-Nord

Publications in our database

L. Reyes, Mickaël Clévenot, Jacques Mazier (2012) Estimation and Simulation of a Financialized Growth Regime with a Stock-Flow Consistent Model, http://www.mickael-clevenot.fr/spip.php?action=acceder_document&arg=150&cle=a749d8244253b92e4701c31a40c50b36532bff9a&file=docx%2FClevenot_Mickael_Estimation_and_Simulation_of_a_Financialized_Growth_Regime_with_a_Stock-Flow_Consistent_Model.docx, Unpublished

Vincent Duwicquet, Jacques Mazier, J. Saadaoui (2012) Exchange Rate Misalignments, Fiscal Federalism and Redistribution: How to Adjust in a Monetary Union, Preliminary, Unpublished

Jacques Mazier, Gnanonobodom Tiou-Tagba Aliti (2012) World Imbalances And Macroeconomic Adjustments: A Three-Country Sock-Flow Consistent Model With Fixed or Flexible Prices”, Metroeconomica, vol. 63, n. 2, pp. 358-388

Jacques Mazier, Gnanonobodom Tiou-Tagba Aliti (2011) World imbalances and macroeconomic adjustments: a three country stock flow consistent model”, Metroeconomica

Vincent Duwicquet, Jacques Mazier (2010-11) Financial integration and macroeconomic adjustments in a monetary union”, Journal of Post Keynesian Economics, vol. 33, n. 2, pp. 331-368

Jacques Mazier, Gnanonobodom Tiou-Tagba Aliti (2010) Déséquilibres mondiaux, taux de change et ajustements macroéconomiques: Un modèle « stock flux cohérent » à trois pays”, Revue économique, vol. 61, n. 3

Yann Guy, Mickaël Clévenot, Jacques Mazier (2010) Investment and the rate of profit in a financial context: the French case”, International Review of Applied Economics, vol. 24, n. 6, pp. 693-714

Mickaël Clévenot, Yann Guy, Jacques Mazier (2009) Equity and debt in a financialised economy: the French case, Sciences de l’Homme et de la Société, Working paper

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