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  1. Jamel says:

    Dear Javier López Bernardo,

    I want to thank you for having posted these Excel spreadsheets. I think they will be very helpful to understand the chapter 3 and 4 of the book “Monetary Economics”.

    I’m currently reading this book.

    Jamel Saadaoui

    PhD candidate at the University of Paris North

  2. Javier Lopez Bernardo says:

    Dear Jamel,

    Thank you very much for your post. I hope you find them useful. I am also doing the spreadsheets of Chapter 5 and Chapter 9, mainly because I have translated the book to Spanish, and I am the responsible to build these models (the Spanish version is an abridged one with not all of the models). Any suggestions you have they will be welcome.

    Best regards,


  3. Jamel says:

    Dear Javier,

    Thank you again for these spreadsheets, they are very useful to illustrate the book.

    I have three little remarks on the ModelSIM Excel spreadsheets.

    First, the comment in cell L7 is written in Spanish in the ‘SIMEX model’ sheet.

    Second, the name of the black curve in the graph 3.5 is in Spanish in the ‘SIMEX graph’ sheet.

    Third, the national income Y should be come from the ‘SIMEX 2 simulation’ sheet where the excepted disposable income is constant in the graph 3.6 in the ‘SIMEX graph’ sheet.

    Maybe I’m wrong ?

    Best Wishes,


  4. Javier Lopez Bernardo says:

    Dear Jamel,

    Thank you very much for your careful reading of my model in Excel. You are right in your comments, and I think the most important is the point three, because it affects to one of the graphs (I will correct the other two “spellings” as well as… it is one of the problems of the translation!) I will correct them and then re-upload the files.

    I am looking forward for your comments of Chapter 4. I hope to upload the Chapter 5 in coming weeks.

    Best regards,


  5. Jamel says:

    Dear Javier,

    The Excel spreadsheets for the model PC are perfect. I wait with impatience the Chapter 5. Thank you again for this very useful and pedagogic exercise for students like me.

    Best wishes,


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